Cruise Reviews and Links

NOTE: All of the older reviews were written for posting on the Prodigy Afloat BB. Any references to *p* are referring to Prodigy and any names referenced in the reviews were/are current members of Prodigy and more specifically the Afloat BB. In addition, please note that many of the itineraries referred to in the older reviews have changed.
Please consult your current brochure for the ship's present itinerary.

Reviews of the following ships:

These reviews are our personal reviews and experiences.

Internet Links:
These links are for other internet resources and cruise line home pages.

Includes: Newsgroups, Cruise Line Home Pages, Web Cameras, Magazines and Govt. Agencies, Weather related sites, Personal pages and Sound Files.

Obviously, we don't go to all of these links on a regular basis, so if you find a link that is no longer working, please drop us a note: Carol & Eric

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