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NOTE: All of the older reviews were written for posting on the Prodigy Caribbean BB. Any references to *p* are referring to Prodigy and any names referenced in the reviews were/are current members of Prodigy and more specifically the Caribbean BB.

Reviews of the following islands and/or resorts:

These reviews are our personal reviews and experiences.

  1. Green Cay Villa and Party Villa (6/13/04 to 6/23/04)
  2. LaVista Beach Resort (10/11/03 to 10/18/03)
  3. Caribbean Princess (5/31/03 to 6/8/03)
  4. Club Orient, St Martin (7/1/00 to 7/8/00)
  5. Club Orient, New Years Eve Celebrations (12/30/99 to 1/6/00)
  6. St John, Westin Trip Report - USVI(11/12/99)
  7. Green Cay Villas Trip Report and Review - St. Martin (6/12/99)
  8. Grand Lido Braco Trip Report and Review - Jamaica (1/15/99)
  9. Club Orient Trip Report - St. Martin (11/26/98)
  10. Club Orient Resort Review - St. Martin (9/13/97)
  11. Club Orient Trip Report - St. Martin (9/13/97)
  12. Grand Lido Negril Resort Review - Jamaica (6/14/97)
  13. Grand Lido Negril Trip Report - Jamaica (6/14/97)
  14. La Plantation Review - St. Martin (2/1/97)
  15. St. Maartin Trip Report (2/1/97)
  16. L'Hoste - St. Maartin (6/15/96)
  17. Manchebo Beach Resort - Aruba (6/15/95)
  18. Green Cay Villas - St. Martin (2/25/95)
  19. Hedonism II (1/16/93)
  20. Hedonism II vs Cruises - Part I - A comparision of the two different types of vacations
  21. Hedonism II vs Cruises - Part II - A comparision of the two different types of vacations
  22. Club Orient vs Super Club GL Braco (published 1/17/00)

Internet Island and Resort Links:
Obviously, we don't go to all of these links on a regular basis, so if you find a link that is no longer working, please drop us a note: Carol & Eric

These links are for the Island and Resort home pages.

  • Web Cameras
    1. Video Camera of Port of Miami CURRENTLY DOWN
      (however, there are several other views of the miami area in general)
    2. Panama Canal - Miraflores Locks
    3. Cayman Turtle Farm

  • Weather, Satelite and Hurricane Information

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