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Head Shots
Head shots of the animals

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Alpha male or female,not sure Savuti Looks kinda like Rin Tin Tin, huh LVgiraffe LVgiraffe2 LVgiraffe3 LVlion M cheetah M impala--such a beautiful face M injured lion M leopard 2 M leopard 4 M leopard M rhino X 2 M rhino Mhyena try to lighten this one Mlion-get out of my face already Mlion Mlion2 Mlion3 Mlionbaby Mrhino Mrhino2 Mwildebeast Mwildebeast2 One of the Savuti brothers S ellie 2 S ellie 3 S ellie S hippo S lion S zebra S-uhmn he looks mad
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