TravelTalk Flag #3

These flag designs have been expanded to fill a 640 width screen to give you a better idea of the design of the flag. You may see some ragged edges on the various straight lines of the flag. This is a result of the expansion of the original file bitmap file. This bitmap file has also been converted to jpg format for ease of loading on your screen, as a result, some loss of sharpness may result. None of these factors would actually be present in any finished product. It is the overall design, color, etc. that are of interest at this point in time.

When making comments, please note in the beginning of the comment whether you are discussing Flag Design #1 or Flag Design #2, etc.

Also you may read the comments that have been posted prior to you adding your comments. The comment board will allow you to post your comments while still in the comment board, you will not have to return to this page to add your own comments.

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