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Frequently Asked Questions for the Traveltalkonline Forums

How to become a registered user:

To create your own account you would first, press the new user button that is on the button bar of most screens. This will bring up the information box where you will enter the folowiing information. You will need determine you logon/ user name. Your logon/user name can not contain any spaces. If you wish a logon/user name with spaces, substitute the space with an underscore. The box below your user/logon name is where you need to put in your email address. This email address is not published by the software but is needed for the email notifications available through the software. Also it will be this email address which the software will use to send you your temporary password. You have the ability to modify your profile and the password issued by the software at a later date, but your logon/user name are not changeable after you complete the registration. In addition the logon name and password are case sensitive.

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Main Screen Appearance:

Once you have registered as a user you will receive a password via email, then you will need to logon to the BB in order to enter as a registered user. Press the logon button again and supply the logon name and password that you have received. You will then receive an authentication screen and will then have full access to all of the features of this BB.

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