Actual TT Beach Flag Photo

This is an actual photo of the TT Beach Flag that has been received from the printer. This is the silk-screen side, the bleed thru is visible and in daylight will look ok, but not nearly as sharp as this side of the flag (again, considering the final cost, nothing to complain about -- to get both side silk-screened would have increased the cost per flag substantially).

Some of the shadows you are seeing on the left hand side of the photo are from me when I was standing over the flag taking the photo. Also you do not see the grommets on the left hand side of the photo.

I have made this photo to fit a 640 screen width and compressed the image for easier downloading. The actual size is 12X18 inches and unless you have a REALLY big monitor, it would not fit anyway! (G).

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We have a bitmap image of the flag for those of you who would like to try the heat transfer system onto T-shirts, etc. The file is in Bitmap format and has been compress with winzip, so you will need an uncompression utility after you download the file. If you have any questions, please email me.
Click on the file location here to start the download: TT Flag File