Anticipated TravelTalk Beach Flag Cost

What is the cost of these Flags, what kind of printing, how do I get one, etc.?

The cost of the flags will vary based on the number of flag orders that are received and finally printed. NO ONE is making a profit from selling these flags. It is a joint effort by many members of the TravelTalk BB's to develop a way to meet other members from the BB by easy identification that is specific and recognizable to members of the various TravelTalk BB's. And since no one is making a profit, we do not want anyone to lose money either. That is why there is some approximation in the final cost for each flag ordered.

The flags will be professionally printed, using the silk screen printing process. The size of the flags are anticipated to be 12 inches by 18 inches - rectangular. The flags would be made of white nylon with grommets and the design would be printed on the flag. The silk screen process will allow for the design to be visible on both sides of the flag and because there are no words involved, there would not be any backwards appearence to the design. The flags are designed for outdoor use, so they are perfect for the beach and the normal weather conditions in the Caribbean. With normal care, they should last for years of service. You can either make your own flag pole (instructions for making from supplies at your local hardware store will be posted at a later date) or you could pin the flag to your umbrella or beach chair. And because of their size, they will be very easy to pack in your luggage or with your carryon items.

OK, so what is the costs of the flags?

We have checked with several different printers, and the prices are pretty much the same. The cost will fluctuate based on the number of flags because of the 4 color printing process. There are some fixed costs that apply regardless of whether you have one flag printed or one hundred flags printed. It is this fixed costs that makes the real difference in the final cost of the flags.

A total order of 50 flags would be approx. $25 to $30 each shipped to your door, via regular mail.

Because of the the price breaks based on the number of flags ordered, 50 flags have been ordered. The reason for this, quite simply, is that at the time that the order had to be confirmed, paid for and based on the number of orders recieved at that point in time it was simply cheaper to order 50 flags vs. the exact quantity that had been ordered.

The reason for a collective effort is that the printing companies will not deal with multiple shipments nor multiple payments from individuals. A single flag printed with the design would cost well in excess of $150, so the only way to reduce our costs is thru a joint effort.

Orders will continue to be taken until we exhaust our supply of flags. Final costs of flags shall be shared by all people that have placed their order and arranged payment prior to my shipping of the flags back out to all. After that date (expected to be December 21st approx.) then a specific dollar amount for each flag and the number of flags remaining shall be posted. All monies in excess of the total costs then shall be refunded to the original order participants as they were the ones who brought this into being. Should all orders that I have received be paid for we currently have, as of 12/8/99, approx. 40 flags ordered.

What about payment?

Payment instructions will be emailed to all individuals who wish to order a flag(s). Payment by personal check is preferred. The current payment arrangement is that each flag will cost $40 based on the 25 order amount and all monies in excess of the final costs for all flags, shipping, taxes, etc. shall be refunded to each individual with your flag. Additional refunds may be sent on a quarterly or semi annual basis until all flags have been paid for.

I still have other questions?

Should anybody have any questions regarding the flag order, process involved, etc. you can email me directly thru the link below or post a message on the St. Martin TravelTalk BB.

Here is the email link for ordering of the TravelTalk flag: Flag Orders Here

Here is the email link for any questions you might have: Questions about flags

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