TTOL Travel Calendar FAQ

The SXM TTOL Travel Calendar is located at:SXM Travel Calendar

The BVI TTOL Travel Calendar is located at:BVI Travel Calendar

The purpose of the TTOL Travel Calendar is to have a common source for people to use to list their travel schedule to BVI and SXM. The calendar allows us to meet up with other members of the TTOL BB that will be in BVI or SXM at the same time as your scheduled trip.

The TTOL Travel Calendar is available 24/7 and can be view and edited at any time. It has been discovered that the calendar does have a limit on the number of simultaneous logons. So should you get an error of some nature (saying something similar to "the server has refused your connection") that is probably the problem. The best solution at this time is to just keep trying, as sometimes just refreshing the screen or resubmitting the information will then be accepted. We experienced the above error mainly during the first week of operation when everybody was trying to fill the calendar with their current trips to SXM, it has been less of a problem since that time.

Below are some of the things that we have discovered about the calendar and how to enter your travel dates and other information.

Calendar Views:

When you first bring up the calendar in your browser it will display the current month looking like a calendar that you have at home. You will see the various months across the top of the calendar and you can select the month that you are interested in to see who else might be on the island at the same time as you. You can also display the calendar in "List View" which will display the calendar in a date format from top to bottom on your screen. This will also show the various comments that people have added to the calendar without having to click on the individual name(s). This is especially useful if there are several people on the island at the same time that you are planning on being on the island. The Condensed view is similar to the list view but provides less information.

Adding your trip:

To add your dates to the calendar you would first click on the Duration Link on the main calendar screen that you are looking at, located at the bottom of the calendar. This will bring up a new form, called the Duration Event. It will have several boxes that you need to add information to about your trip. The Daily and Periodic options have no real use in our circumstances.

First box on the left is the Calendar Text box. This is where you would put in your name(s). Just right of the Calendar Text Box you have a check box called Border. This will put a small border (such as in a table that you see on the net) around your name. It is either checked on or off and can not be adjusted otherwise. To the right of that box you will see a Start Time and End Time, these two items can be ignored as they really do not have a purpose in our particular circumstance.

Just below the Calendar Text box is the Popup Test or URL Link box. This box is where you should add all of your other information concerning your trip. Here you can add the resort you are staying at and any other information that you feel is important or needed. This box is where you can also add and make an active link for your email address and/or homepage address.

To add an active email link:

To add an active email link, so that anybody can just click on it to send you an email you would add the following code in the Popup Text or URL Link box (below are examples of how we added our email and homepage information):

Email address (without the semi-colons in the '<'): <;a href="">Carol & Eric Hill<;/a>

Homepage address (without the outside semi-colons): <;a href="">Carol & Eric's Caribbean Travel<;/a>

To add your dates:

Below the Popup Text or URL Link box you will see where you actually put in the dates for your trip. You have the starting date and the ending date for your trip. These are both drop down type of menus for adding your dates to the calendar. To the far right you have a check box to ignore weekends, which is of no use under our circumstances.

To change the color of your link:

Just below the Date entry area you have the Color Select box for the Background Color and the Text Color. To change from the default color you would click on the Color Select button, which will bring up the color chart. You will have two color charts on the screen, one for the background color and the other for the text color. Just remember to choose two different contrasting colors for the background and the text colors or nobody will be able to read who you are.

After completing all of the above press the Submit button and your dates have now been added to the TTOL Travel Calendar.

Should you need to make changes or additions to any of the information after you have submitted your initial information then please contact the calendar helpers to request the change that you need. To contact the calendar helper you can click on the link at the bottom of the calendar or here at: SXM Calendar Helpers or BVI Calendar Helpers

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